Bunker In Home Newborn Session | Maine Newborn Photographer

Last weekend I got to do my first newborn lifestyle session of 2017. And it was amazing. Seriously, AHHHMAZING. Newborns are just so special. Nothing can prepare you for a newborn. It's raw, unfiltered love. And it's also scary, emotional, overwhelming, and beautiful. And the thing about newborns is that one second they're tiny and new and the next second, they're different - they're infants. The first 2 years of a baby's life is full of profound growth and this magical newborn stage only lasts a couple of months. They'll never be this new and small again. This is why I LOVE newborns! 

It seems like it was just yesterday that Cyndie, Casey, and I were in Cape Elizabeth freezing our buns off during their maternity session. Did you miss it? Check it out here. Well, their home was nice and warm during their newborn session. Winnie was seriously the easiest baby I've ever photographed. She slept through the entire session like a champ, despite being moved, undressed, dressed again, dogs barking, grown ups laughing. Slept right through it all. It was such a great session and really helped me get out a weird creative funk I was in. I left feeling refreshed, recharged, and full of love for what I do. 

Here are some of the pictures from the Bunker's newborn lifestyle session.