Cape Elizabeth Family Lifestyle Session | Southern Maine Photographer

Bree won my New Year’s giveaway and last month we got together to do their family pictures. To our surprise as we were driving to Kettle Cove it started raining rather heavily. We decided to go ahead with the session and hope that it wasn’t still raining when we got there. Not surprisingly, it was! We didn’t let it slow us down and it ended up clearing up just in time for us to get to the beach and play in the water.

Don’t forget- booking for fall mini sessions is open!

A Lifestyle Session at the Beach | Kennebunk Maine Family Photographer

When Caitlin scheduled her spring session last fall we picked a random placeholder date knowing that we would like have to change it depending on weather because we all know how spring in Maine can be. (ie, rainy, cold, windy, muddy) However, I think we were all shocked when the forecast looked beautiful and we ended up shooting in April and it was 80 degrees. I still can't get over how lucky we got. 

So we met at a beach in Kennebunk that I hadn't been to and spent the morning playing in the sand and the water... Yes, in April. That's just the kind of person and photographer I am. If I can I will ALWAYS encourage kids to get wet and dirty, haha.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from their session.

Payea Family Session | Old Orchard Beach Lifestyle Photographer

Last fall I had the pleasure of meeting the Payea family. I don't usually work with teens so it was a real treat for me. I feel like once kids aren't little anymore, we kind of forget about photographing them. I know, life gets busy (trust me!) and they start to get caught up in their own lives and activities but MAN. It's still important. But also, PSA - photographing your lives is always important no matter what. Anyway, I met them at their home and then we went down the street to finish the session at Old Orchard Beach. It was an overcast day but beautiful for late fall. I loved getting to take their pictures here; in a town that is so near and dear to their hearts. OOB is such a neat town in that literally in a blink of an eye it seems to go from tourist central, can't find a spot on the beach to sit down so you walk around all creepy-like waiting for someone to leave - to totally empty and like it has never been any other way. 

Here are a few of my favorites & don't forget, booking is still open for mini sessions.

Roberts Family Beach Session | Kennebunk Maine Lifestyle Photographer

Wow, I was just looking through my blog posts and was shocked to realize I never blogged this beautiful family's session. I am seriously shocked. I don't know how it slipped past me but HERE IT IS - BETTER LATE THAN NEVER! 

Danielle won a family session during my New Years giveaway. I was so excited to do their session and we picked an early morning in June. Little Isla is just the cutest kid and so full of curiosity. The Roberts' are such a loving family, they were such a joy to work with. 

It was a bright and sunny morning and the tide was low enough to provide a lot of beach space. (It's a spot where the beach almost disappears during high tide). Isla was very curious about the ocean so naturally her reaction was to make her parents go in first to see how it goes. 

I love capturing her on-the-go nature and the gentle, loving vibes that they all give off. Here are a few of my favorite images from the day. 

If you're interested in booking a fall session, I have 2 spaces available in September. They're going to go fast, so contact me to book your session today.


Russel Family Session | Portland, Maine Photographer

Hey guys!

I have so, so been slacking with blogging this month. It's just been insanely busy between my summer classes ending and trying to get everything done that I wanted to get done before school starts up again for everyone. 

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite images from the Russell family's session from last month. We originally were going to meet in Scarborough but were surprised to find our location completely packed on a Sunday evening. Luckily, there are so many great spots close by and they were super flexible so we decided to head over to Kettle Cove. 

I still have 2 spots open for session in September, so if you're interested in booking you can contact me by hitting that button below.

Cote Extended Family Session | Southern Maine Photographer

Hey guys,

I am so excited to share these images with you all today. Katie was a winner in my New Years giveaway and after chatting we decided to extend the family session she won to include her and her husband's families. On the days leading up to the session, the weather was bouncing back and forth between being nice and raining on us. Thankfully, we lucked out and got some nice cooler weather. (Anything but rain, amiright!?) We met at a local beach which is always fun and quickly becoming my favorite place to go in the summer. Not any specific beach, any beach will do. The kids were all so well mannered and did such a great job. I was thoroughly impressed. They explored and played and were quick to come back to do portraits with their parents, grandparents, and great grandmother. Yes, you read that right. Their great Grammy was there for the pictures as well and honestly, my heart soars even now thinking about it. This woman was so full of life, laughter, and love and let me tell you - IT SHOWS! She has such a passion for life, it's truly inspiring. I hope that I can still have this much fun when I'm 92. 

Ok, ok, enough talking! Here are the images from our session. Enjoy, share, leave some love!

Beach Day with the Littles | Maine Family Lifestyle Photographer

I haven't been nearly as on top of blogging as I had hoped I'd be. But I'm doing my best so I think that's ok. It's been a hectic month over here. As the school year winds down, activities seem to increase. We've been running back and forth between softball games, school field trips and concerts, play dates, weddings, etc. We're just racing to summer vacation right now, haha. 

Speaking of weddings, my sister just got married earlier this month. I had the honor of being their photographer. It was a small gathering that was full of love. I'll be sharing a sneak peek blog post in the near future so keep your eyes out. Or subscribe to the blog to get notifications when new blog posts are shared. 

Coming up, I have a few family beach session and earlier this week I went scouting a location that one of my clients suggested and WOW. I was completely blown away. I don't know how I didn't know about this spot but I'm excited to bring my kids this summer as well as other clients. I just love the beach. Weird fact: When I was a kid I HATED the beach. HATED IT. But as I get older, I love the beach more and more every time I go. I just love to be near the ocean. It's funny how we change over the years. 

Anyway, my sister-in-law and I made our way to the beach and had a great little visit with our littlest kids. We each have older daughters who were in school. I'm trying not to think about the fact that in the fall my youngest will be going to kindergarten. *SOBS*

Here are a couple of the pictures I took while we were there. I'd love to get even more beach sessions on the books. I don't have any space left in June but I do have some availability in July.